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Squeak N' Squeegee Cleaning Experts, LLC Family

Serving the Greater Dallas/Salem Area Since 2014

Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


Hello we are a Window Cleaning and Screen Repair Business.

My name is Robert Viles, I have been working in customer service since I was eleven years old. Starting with a paper route delivering 283 papers every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Moving my way to McDonalds at fifteen and becoming manager at seventeen. at eighteen, I moved on from McDonalds, to start my new venture into retail business and my geographical location changed as I met & married my wife, Mikayla.

After spending a year each at Staples, Walmart, Grocery Outlet, and attending college towards my associates of applied science & technology degree, we gave birth to our two beautiful boys. We had fully relocated to Salem, so I began to work for a cleaning company to help make them successful. Eventually the company owner decided to relocate to California and laid off all employees. 

It was in that moment I knew I had to make a change and work for myself, even though we couldn't afford it, I began the process of opening up our family business while working full time as a supervisor for your local West Salem Ace Hardware.


However, as business massively picked up throughout my 4 years at Ace, in 2020 I left Ace to fully pursue our family business. Now with our beautiful boys Noah, and Daniel, we continue to push through everything 2020 tossed at us, and our clients kept us moving forward! We have learned and nearly perfected the best way to interact with and satisfy our customers.


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