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A wise trade professional once said "A window cleaning expert can offer his clients only two (2) of the three (3) value propositions of - Highest Quality, Lowest Price, and Best Service - at the same time. The client can never have all three at once." If the customer wants the Highest Quality, he / she will have to give up either Lowest Price, or Best Service. To be the "cheapest" window cleaner in our service area, corners MUST be cut somewhere. Lowest Price window cleaners simply cannot match our professionalism, quality, training, experience, and business ethics.

"Those Lowest Priced" window cleaners are typically not covered by workman's compensation insurance and do not carry general liability insurance. Those "Lowest Priced" competitors who do employ others cannot afford to hire or retain the best journeyman window cleaners. Many don't pay payroll taxes and under report self-employment income. 

We definitely offer the best overall value proposition given our exceptional workmanship, quality, and WOW service. We are confident that our customers believe we are the best at what we do. Moreover, we have the journeyman technician retention to continue servicing our customers in the manner they deserve.

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