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PROBLEM: Hard Water Stains
SOLUTION: Chemicals and Abrasives

Hard water stains occur when sprinkler water hits the building or rainwater travels over concrete or a precast surface of a building and carries tiny particles from that surface onto the window. After the rainwater dries the mineral deposits are very hard to remove. Acid rain and sprinkler stains are of the same nature due to the high concentration of minerals present in the water. Much like Oxidation, mild chemicals, abrasives and some scraper usage will take care of most problems.

PROBLEM: Oxidation
SOLUTION: Mild Chemicals & Abrasives

Oxidation, also known as etching, hazing or screen burn, occurs when metals around windows (frames, screens, etc.) are exposed to rain or humidity and deteriorate causing oxidation. This oxidation runs down the glass and penetrates (or clings to) the glass. Mild acids, like Crystal Clear 550, or abrasives like Sörbo Stain Remover (often combined with fine steel wool) are often all that’s required to remove the oxidation.

Calcium Deposit Removal Cost 

Calcium deposit removal is not as easy as spraying and wiping. 

We charge depending on severity, size, & accessibility,

Calcium Deposit Removal Common Prices:

French Panes $5.00ea

Small Panes $15.00ea

Medium Panes $25.00ea

Large Panes $35.00ea

Super-Size Panes $50.00ea

Sky Lights $40.00ea


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