Window & Screen Cleaning


A Pane of glass constitutes a piece of glass filling a window or a section of a window.

Most windows have one moving pane, and one stationary pane.


We clean both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of each pane. We also completely wipe down the tracks all around the pane. No more pesky spider webs!


However deep cleaning of tracks including removal or vinyl tracks, or mold or mildew spots around framing will constitute a extra charge.

This is all backed by our 2 week satisfaction!

Single side only - minus 33% from price!

How to figure your cost:


Window Panes
$4.00 for Small panes; Typically bathroom or 2 french panes.
$8.00 for Medium Panes; Typically you average size panes. Smaller than sliding glass doors.
$10.00 for Large Panes; Typically sliding glass doors or simmilar panes.

$12-$15 for Supersize Panes; Typically larger than sliding glass doors, can even be gound to cieling, or ground to 2nd story cieling. 

$25.00 for SkyLights



$3.00 for any size screen cleaning

Construction Cleanup

Any time there is an excess of Construction Debris such as but not limited to stucco, plaster, or paint on the windows, there will be an additional charge that varies depending on conidtion and size of job site. Prices are based on a 1.5 factor. Ex. $200 reg clean as a construction clean up will be $300.

The best way to prevent this charge is to have the person completing the jobs mentioned, follow rules and guidelines set in place for a reason, to protect the windows from over spray. 



We offer two different style of window cleaning during the 3 warmer seasons of the years usually March -November. However, During the winter can only offer our traditional window cleaning method. See Details of both Below. 



We offer Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning during the warmer months of March through November. Due to the freezing temperatures of the winter, our system could freeze and cause extreme damage. 

Water Fed Pole consist of a special Nylon/Boars hair brush and water being filtered through our 3 stage system. Using a clients onsite water spigot we use Reverse Osmosis along side Deionization, and Sediment filters, to make pure water from nearly all your hard city or well water!

This pure water is so pure, if you drink it, you become more thirsty, as its sole purpose is to draw in and absorb minerals or dirt. This is exactly what it does when we use it through a very low pressure soft wash on your dirty windows.

We now offer initial cleans with our water fed pole setup.


This is our standard cleaning method.
Our traditional method requires a lot of ground and ladder work. However, with this method of cleaning, we can ensure we can get all those annoying little bug poops, or harder dirt particles. 

Sorry but any type of construction debris such as but not limited to stucco, plaster, or paint, must be removed with special equipment and does cost extra and typically a signed waiver.

To prevent this charge, please have person during said types of construction follow rules and guidelines to prevent such over spray.