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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some typical question we get asked daily. If your question is not answer here, feel free to give us a call/text/email, or any kind of shout out!


What areas do you service?


We are headquartered in Dallas oregon, we will go about 50 mile radius.
This includes but not limited to, Dallas, Salem, keizer, Silverton, woodburn, turner, albany, corvallis, independence, monmouth, sheridan, perrydale, and mcminnville.


How long have you been in business for?


Squeak N' Squeegee Cleaning Experts has been in business since 2014. With over 13 years of window cleaning experience under his belt, owner and operator Robert Viles strives to learn every system and technique to perfect his cleaning knowledge.


What type of services do you offer?


We offer Window Cleaning, Gutter Debris Cleanout, Gutter Brightening, Dryer Vent Cleaning, House Duct Cleaning, and Hardwater Removal from glass. 


Are you Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?


We carry CGL (Commercial General Liability) Insurance


With care custody control indorsement for when your not home!

General liability insurance for window cleaning includes coverage of bodily injury and property damage.

Let’s say an uninsured window cleaner is up on a high ladder making windows sparkle, when his squeegee accidentally slips from his hand. At that very moment, a curious 4 year old happens to walk out of the house and under the ladder. The piece of equipment falls heavily on the child, causing serious injury. A trip to the hospital and medical bills ensue. Who’s going to pay for these bills? If the window cleaner does not have general liability insurance, those funds will be coming out of the pocket of the homeowner.

Here’s a another possible scenario. An uninsured window cleaner on a ladder drops a bucket which hits an outdoor electrical outlet and knocks it from the wall. The outlet is shorted, starting a fire which burns down half of the house – $300,000 worth of damage. You want a window cleaner who has insurance to cover such an unfortunate accident.

Workman Comp 

One-man-show outfits are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance (since they don’t have employees), but it is in your best interest to make sure they (and every other window cleaning company you’re considering) have general liability insurance.

Always ask for proof of workers’ compensation and general liability insurance from your window cleaner (and any contractor you hire). Be wary of window cleaners who’s prices are significantly lower than their competitors. More often than not, this means they are uninsured, putting you at significant financial risk.


Our services only require a State Business Registry License. We have purchased our license and are registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. However, we also attend multiple typed of training courses to continue to improve our methods!


In regards to bonding, here is what I found out after much discussion with Western Surety Bonding. A bond for a sole proprietorship that has NO employees is totally WORTHLESS. According to Western Surety, "A bond protects the employer from dishonest acts (theft) caused by an employee or IC (Independent Contractor) of the employer. It does absolutely nothing for the client." I suggest you read this statement 3 times.


A sole proprietor will not do dishonest acts against themselves. You would not steal from a client's home, but an employee might. That is why you might have a bond.  A bond is not an insurance policy nor is it paid out like one. You, the employer and not the client, must file the claim with the bonding company. For a bond to be paid the covered person must be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. Then and only then will the bond be paid. Then the bonding company goes after the person that they bonded to recover their losses. If a owner paid out the money to the bonding company for themselves, then for the bond to be paid said owner would have to turn themselves in.

When a prospective client asks me about bonding I explain how a bond works and why we don't have bonding. Then they understand and we go on from there. 


 Some companies will purchase it as an advertising technique so that their clients feel more comfortable about them in their home. However this is for advertisement purposes only because some customers wont book without it based on false assumptions.


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