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Gutter Cleaning


For many homeowners, fall means its time for the distasteful chore of gutter cleaning. All over Oregon so many people live near tall trees, this is one critical maintenance item that must be attended to before winter. 

By not cleaning your gutters regularly, a host of problems and damages can occur.  Some examples include water seeping behind the fascia board and rotting the wood, water damage to the sides of your home, foundation problems, and potentially termite damage.


Costly repairs can be avoided by having your gutters cleaned now by Squeak N' Squeegee Cleaning Experts,LLC. 


Our Pricing Break Down

The amount of gutters your home has can vary greatly, but here are some general pricing outlines. Hazardous condition may increase the price slightly.

We charge by the linear feet of actual gutter.  $1.00 Single story, $2.00 Second story, $3.00 Third story.

The average 1000 - 1500 sq ft home generally has 150 ft of gutters and would cost $150 to clean.


The average 1501 - 2500 sq ft home generally has 250 ft of gutters and would cost $250 to clean.

The average 2501 - 3500 sq ft home generally has 350 ft of gutters and would cost $350 to clean.


Remember the price is dependent on the amount of gutters you have.

So if your home is 1500 sq ft single but only has 100 ft of gutters, it will only cost $100.

Below you will find BEFORE & AFTER pictures!

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