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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


Hello we are a Window Cleaning and Screen Repair Business.

My name is Robert Viles, I have over eighteen (23) years customer service skills from many branches. We have learned and nearly perfected the best way to interact with and satisfy our customers.

I have over Thirteen (13) years window cleaning experience. I have been working since I was twelve, delivering over 200 news papers every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, as well as Saturday mornings!

Moving my way to McDonalds and becoming manager at seventeen (17). Eventually I learned more retail and my geographical location changed as I married my wife, Mikayla, and moved to Salem.

Eventually opening up my business while working full time for your local West Salem Ace Hardware.

I have since retired from retail and focus full time on the family and our business. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to make every window squeaky clean. To ensure the world can see clearly through their window of life.

Mikayla Viles

Office Manager


Mikayla Viles is an Expert of many trades. She has a bachelors and masters degree in music and is pursuing her career in music. Meanwhile she helps with with all my office related jobs, such as but not limited to customer service and sales. 

Robert Viles

Owner and

Adminstrative Manager


Welcome, my name is Robert Viles. I'm an Expert of many trades. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can, while balancing perfection over quantity.  My vast amount of experience in customer service allows me to achieve my goal of ensuring every customer gets above what they deserve. I am supported by my loving wife Mikayla, and our beautiful boys, Noah & Daniel. 

Daniel "Squeegee" Viles

Cleaning Artist


Daniel Viles has just started with the company have a brief period of training last year. Unfortunately he had to stay in for the winter. But now he is back and ready to clean! Oh and he wants me to mention, he will be turning three and entering pre-school!

Noah "Squeak" Viles

Field Manager


Noah Viles is an Expert of many trades. He has been working for us for going on his second year and is excited to clean more windows (Especially Grammy's). 
He is about to turn five years of age and graduate from pre-school.

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