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How Often and Why Clean Your Windows

Grimy, muddy, algae covered, or just plain ol' dirty windows can be depressing, whether they’re present at your office or home. Clean windows allow you to enjoy that beautiful view you wanted when you purchased the place, like the beauty of the garden around your house, or a view of the buildings outside. Clean also allows in the warm sunshine of which can do wonders for your mood and comfort levels. It is always a wise idea to keep the problems away, by cleaning your windows every day, but none of us can afford to do that no matter how much time or money.

1.Benefits of Cleaning Your Windows

There are countless reasons why you should keep your windows squeaky clean. The first and foremost reason is change of mood you will see in yourself with the change in appearance they give to your home or your office. Clean windows can help you make a magnificent first impression, as the state of the windows, and the house or office in general, reflects on the owner. If you have well-maintained, clean windows, your place will appear clean and well maintained. The same goes for your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, people are more likely to eat there if your windows are clean and shiny than otherwise. Imagine Sitting there eating your food and you look over and see week, months,year old grime on the windows, you'll begin to imagine how dirty the rest of the restaurant can be.

The amount of sunlight is known to affect the mood of a person directly. It’s a known fact that people in countries with low amounts of sunlight are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts than people in sunny regions (have you seen how crazy Portland gets in low sun years?; but the Phoenix heat in August is horrendous too though – probably worse than some rain clouds!). If your window has smudges, bird poop, and dirt stains on it, you’re limiting the amount of sunlight that can shine inside. This will have a direct effect on your mood, and the mood of your clients and customers. If the sunlight falls inside unhindered, it will provide you with brightness, warmth and cheer.

Dirt,poop, and smudges on the windows can also limit their effectiveness at conducting heat. The sunlight will reflect off of the smudges and will be unable to heat the inside of your house in winter. The lack of direct sunlight can also promote the growth of bugs, insects, condensation and mildew in the window sills. Regularly cleaning windows helps prolong their lifespan by several years.


How often should your windows be cleaned? It depends on the local weather conditions, your surrounding area; such as dirt fields, farm land, construction, city, down town, and your personal preferences. If you own a business, it’s recommended that your windows be cleaned at least twice a month. If you own a home, you might be able to get away with cleaning your windows twice a year.

Your local weather conditions will have a say in if you should clean your windows more than twice a year. If you live near the sea, the salt can stick to and corrode your windows, so it’s a good idea to clean your windows once a month or so. (Yes that means all of you with houses on the ocean front in Seaside or Newport!!)

Your personal preferences will also decide the frequency. Some people like the dark, gloomy feel that comes with smudgy windows, while others prefer their windows to be crystal clear all the time. If you have a marvelous view in front of you and you love sitting by the window and staring out all the time, you should clean your window more often. Alternatively, if a window is occupying a corner of the house and is overlooking a dank alley, you don’t need to clean it that often - in fact maybe get it tinted or completed removed.

3.Inside and Out

If you are wanting clean windows through out the year, you should wash both inside and out. The inside of the windows should be cleaned first.

Cleaning windows can be hard work. It should never be attempted in direct sunlight, as the liquid you spray on it may dry out and stick to the window. You can try cleaning your windows facing the east in the afternoon and those facing the west in the morning.

Windows should be cleaned from the top to the bottom. The inside of the panes can be easily cleaned less often depending on traffic inside house. The outside of course gets hit by the elements and nature. You have bugs, bug poop, birds, bird poop, dirt, grime, moss, algae, dust, pollution, and many other factors. Lets not even get started on construction clean up and how those companies seem to fail at the proper use of window protections. ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO CLEAN THE WINDOWS AFTER ANY MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! Self cleaning, or lack of skill can permanently damage the window panes, and may require replacement.

4.Optimal Time to Clean Windows

The optimal time to clean windows will vary, depending on the local weather conditions. Most people prefer to clean their windows twice a year: once during the spring (April or May) and the fall (September or October). The cleaning session is actually all year long, and windows can be washed in any weather including Ice, snow, freezing, and even rain! Most professional guarantee the quality of their work.

Regularly cleaning your windows will keep them squeaky clean, this will prolong their lifespan and help your house or business look clean and welcoming.

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