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Why Windows NEED to be Cleaned


#3 & 4 are very important for business owners!

Most Oregon home and business owners forget to maintain clean and polished looking windows; many simply don’t realize the value of keeping your windows clean. Perhaps you would be surprised to know that there are many notable benefits that come with habitually cleaned windows outside of just making your windows appear nicer. Here are five of the most significant reasons to keep your windows cleaned (especially exterior) on a regular basis:


The particle buildup that occurs on your windows can markedly diminish your property’s air quality. One of these particles can be mold, which poses a severe health threat over time. Mold can take its toll on the well-being of your property’s inhabitants whether that is your family, your employees, or just yourself. Long-term exposure can even lead to issues with the respiratory system among other medical issues. If the air in your property seems more stagnant than usual, a window cleaning can help to clear the air.


We all know that Oregon can be unbearably wet and cold during certain months; what you may not know is that your windows can help heat your property. Excess dirt, grime, and general particle buildup can block out parts of a window and even become absorbed by the window’s pores. All of this blockage reflects the sun’s UV rays and robs your property of the sun’s free heat. This can really cost you over time on your energy bills, and that is without acknowledging the damage any mold could be doing to your windows. Which also brings us back to #1, the sun’s UV rays help keep the mold and bacteria away, if it can’t get through it can’t do its job inside your home.


If your windows are so dirty that they are blocking out the light and colour of the outdoor world, this can be a little depressing. Regardless of whether your view is modest or not, a clear, transparent window is always more enjoyable to look through than a filthy screen. For property owners that are interested in selling, unclean windows are certainly a turn off buyers whereas pristine windows will generally impress them.


Along the same lines as improving your view, cleaner windows also help make a better impression on your guests. No one wants someone to get the wrong idea about them just because of some windows, but this is something people get judged for all the time. Those that run a business will certainly want clean windows if they want assert a professional image and impress their clients. Your employees or family may even feel happier since clean windows are known to subconsciously improve people’s moods!


The majority of particles, like those that make up water and minerals, can damage your glass windows over time. The particles will enter the glass’ pores and effectively contaminate and corrode the windows. The first things you may notice will be some light scratches or cracks, but an unmaintained window can eventually be altered on a structural level and will need a full replacement. Cleaning your windows will prevent this outcome and give your windows far more longevity.

If you are looking into investing in window cleaning services in the Salem / Dallas area, Squeak N Squeegee can help you attain your goal of flawless windows in a timely manner.

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